15 July 2015

"From Night to Day..."

Joy Division - Complete Rehearsals Archive (2015 Upgrade)

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In Memory of Ian K. Curtis. R.I.P.
15/07/1956 - 18/05/1980
Photo by Kevin Cummins
"Ian Curtis passed away on May 18, 1980. He was 23-years-old. If he had survived, he would be 59 today.

There's no doubt in my mind that Bernard, Peter, and Stephen all made what we know as the Joy Division sound and should and always be lauded for it, but even the members themselves stated that a large part of Joy Division came down to Ian's direction. He wrote the lyrics of isolation and lost control and he could hear a bass or guitar riff and ask his band mates to play it again. It was he who told Peter it sounded better when he played high, a style that even today is revolutionary and hard to come by.

No one will pretend Ian was perfect. He was manipulative, he cheated on his wife, and he didn't really take care of his daughter. Factoring in personal attributes, I can never say that Ian was a good man. However, his lyrics and the music he helped create got me, Dmitry (Fage), and everyone else through some awful times, perhaps even saved some lives. Ian understood depression, loneliness, and epilepsy. During performances, it was clear he'd destroy a part of himself onstage just to let himself out, free himself to lose control HIS way. All I can say is that I empathize with him every time I listen to him sing. I think about him and what we went through everyday.

When I saw Peter Hook and the Light live, I had never felt as close to Joy Division, Bernard, Peter, Stephen, or Ian, as I did right then, screaming every single of Ian's lyrics to every single song.

He helped make damn fine music, and hey, that's fine by me. I wouldn't be where or who I am today without all four of them. 'I am a believer in Joy Division, fuckin' hallelujah.'"

-Kiefer, July 15, 2015

July 2015 remastered.

Track list:

Tentatively August/September 1977 rehearsal (Most likely 14th of September 1977)
(Unknown rehearsal room, Manchester(?)):
01. Reaction
02. Inside the Line
03. Leaders of Men
04. Novelty (take 1)
05. The Kill (I)
06. Novelty (take 2)

Tentatively October/November 1977 rehearsal
(Supposedly at T.J. Davidson's Rehearsal Room, Manchester):
07. At a Later Date
08. Ice Age
09. Inside the Line
10. Warsaw
11. Failures
12. No Love Lost (Instrumental)

Tentatively January 1978 rehearsal
(At T.J. Davidson's Rehearsal Room, Manchester):
13. Pictures In My Mind (take 1)
14. Pictures In My Mind (take 2)
15. Shadowplay (instrumental)

Tentatively March 1979 rehearsal
(Tape called "Eric's or Band on the Wall" but go figure...):
16. No Love Lost
17. The Kill (II) (cuts out)

Tentatively November/December 1979 rehearsal
(At T.J. Davidson's Rehearsal Room, Manchester):
18. Untitled (instrumental jam)
19. A Means to an End (take 1, aka 'From Night to Day')
20. A Means to an End (take 2)
21. A Means to an End (take 3)

Tentatively March/April 1980 rehearsal
(Supposedly at Pinky's Rehearsal Room, Salford):
22. Ceremony

Tentatively March 1980 rehearsal
(Supposedly at Britannia Row Studio, London):
23. In a Lonely Place (take 1) / aka 'Misplaced (take 1)'

Tentatively April 1980 rehearsal
(Supposedly at Pinky's Rehearsal Room, Salford):
24. In a Lonely Place (take 2) / aka 'Misplaced (take 2)'

Tentatively May 1980 rehearsal (Most likely 14th of May 1980)
(Supposedly at Pinky's Rehearsal Room, Salford):
25. In a Lonely Place (take 3)
26. In a Lonely Place (take 4)
27. In a Lonely Place (take 5)
28. In a Lonely Place (snippets)

Duration: 01:55:11
Taper: Supposedly "Joy Division" (for most)
Equipment: Unknown - Cassette tapes and 1/4 reel to reel

Tracks 01 to 06 - Direct transfer from master cassette tape (thanks to Darkman)
Tracks 07 to 12 - Sourced from low gen. or master cassette tape that appeared on the "Misplaced" CD bootleg, 2015 (thanks to FracturedMusic)
Tracks 13 to 15 - Direct transfer from low gen. or master cassette tape
Tracks 16 to 17 - Direct transfer from original "Bedge" cassette tape (thanks to Wallflower)
Tracks 18 to 21 - Direct transfer from master cassette tape (thanks to Darkman)
Track 22 - Sourced from 'The Power of Independent Trucking' blog. This is most likely originally sourced from a 1st gen tape that was in Peter Hook's tape collection at the time the 'Heat and Soul' box-set was sourced. It’s apparent that this recording of “Ceremony” was originally recorded on cassette tape, contrary to certain opinions 
*Track 27 - Sourced from 'The Power of Independent Trucking' blog
*Tracks 23 to 26, 28 - Sourced from the "Misplaced" CD bootleg, 2015 (thanks to FracturedMusic)

* These tracks are the only ones originally sourced from a ¼ inch reel-to-reel

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