20 February 2017

"One, two, three, four - kick them right out the door!" [Update]

Joy Division live @ Effenaar, Eindhoven, NL
18th January 1980

On the European tour
Photo by Dani Guth (RIP) & Mona Stein

Feb 2017 remastered [New source, M2]

Track list:

01. Love Will Tear Us Apart
02. Digital
03. New Dawn Fades
04. Colony
05. These Days
06. Ice Age
07. Dead Souls
08. Disorder
09. Day of the Lords
10. Autosuggestion
11. Shadowplay
12. She's Lost Control
13. Transmission
14. Interzone
15. Atmosphere
16. Warsaw

Duration: 00:58:25
Quality: 8+/10
Source: 2nd gen. tape

More info about concert: Joy Division Central

Mega (~370 Mb)

Do not redistribute in MP3 or any other lossy format
Never sell for monetary gain (and do not redistribute to people who might!)

Dear guest, if you have any of JD's master-tapes or rare bootlegs - please(!) write a comment.



  1. Thank you very much. Going to listen to it right now!

  2. Thanks a million for your efforts of remastering and sharing this with us.

  3. Thanks, love your remasters any chance you can upload them on mediafire?

  4. Too bad you too never managed to get hold of the missing tracks of the great sounding version uploaded at dime. now we're all stuck with that shitty version which is still inferior despite all your efforts to improve it

  5. Hi I just discovered your page today, it's really impressive and thanks so much for the great work you're doing - you make a lot of fans happy!
    Since you mention that we should mention if we have rare Bootlegs in the comments - I do have the american Hawkeye double LP of the Eindhoven Gig, which sounds clearer than for example the Moriture te Salutant bootleg. I don't know if its common or not...? I think it is the same source as the incomplete Effnaar boot and the missing tracks on Retrospective...
    Best from Thailand! Jan