18 May 2017


Reworked 'Unknown Pleasures' & 'Closer'

Temporary post.

In Memory of Ian Curtis. R.I.P.
1956 - 1980

Here's post from my friend:
"Today marks the 37th anniversary of Ian Curtis' death, and still it never gets any easier.

Within this past year, I have expanded my musical horizons...by just a few inches, if I am being honest, but those inches have gone miles. The biggest discovery was probably Throbbing Gristle. Before, when watching the Grant Gee documentary and seeing Genesis P-Orridge's two cents on Ian, I always thought they looked and sounded like quite the weirdo and didn't think much of them for years, though their perception of Ian was interesting. Then I discovered Coil, which has become my co-favorite band along with Joy Division, and that connection spurned me on to finally delve into Throbbing Gristle. I am happy, now that I did, naturally. I consider most of JD's contemporaries unworthy even to lick their boots - seriously, to think people brought up Section 25, Crispy Ambulance, A Certain Ratio, etc. in the same breath as Joy Division back in the day outrages me - but the arty crowd Ian was marginally a part of does hold more merit than I imagined at first. I bring this all up because I have become aware of the infamous "phone call" story. Genesis is a bit of a liar and keeps changing his apocryphal stories of Ian. Apparently Ian loved the TG song "Weeping," but I KNOW he did not sing it to Genesis over the phone the same night he killed himself and I doubt that Ian ever directly expressed to him his desire to kill himself (his two prior suicide attempts notwithstanding). To my knowledge, he did sing some song to someone over the phone days before he died, and though I cannot recall who or what the song was, I know it wasn't Genesis. I guess it's just a bit of myth-making of their part, in the likes of Kurt Cobain's story of living under the Aberdeen bridge.

Anyway, today is the day not to our horizons but to go back to two all-time favorites, two of the best and most enduring classic records ever made: Unknown Pleasures and Closer. I can still listen to these any time of any day in any place in any mood and the songs will still resonate immensely with me unlike any other since middle school - I can't say that about too many other records. Over the years, the JD community has seen a myriad of sonic upgrades to these two records as JD affiliates and distributors re-release the same material dozens of times. Supposedly, the master-reels of the two albums have since become lost, so almost every release, including 1997's Heart and Soul and onward, has utilized 2nd-generation reels copies and crappy digital remasters. Typically, you can either listen to the hollow, dreary sounds of that boxset or the ear-splittingly loud and compressed 2007 remasters, as they seem to be the most common of the more complete releases. There's Total and the +- boxset, which were far more competent because Stephen Morris himself got involved in the remastering process, but you don't get everything with them. No, the BEST way to listen to these albums, besides original mint-condition 1st-pressing vinyls, is the obscure 1991 Japanese boxset.

Simply titled 1977 - 1980, this CD boxset contained Unknown Pleasures, Closer, Still, Substance, and, confusingly enough, the 1988 Atmosphere single. There's no ancillary or unreleased material, but the big draw of this album is the fact that each CD was sourced from the master-tapes, unlike almost every other release. There's minor problems, such as the oddity where the ending of "Isolation" is indexed onto the beginning of "Passover," but aside from that, every song sounds superb and this is almost as good as it gets.

Fage was kind enough to EQ UP and Closer from this set such that they match the EQ on the 1st-pressing vinyls, so you can throw out just about every other digital copy of this music you got! :)

There's still much I and I am sure many of you have to do. I still need to read Chapter and Verse and Inside New Order, so that'll keep me busy over the course of this year, and who knows? Maybe a few more live recordings or other niceties will surface soon. I hope some people are feeling philanthropic!

Regardless, we all still feel Joy Division and Ian Curtis everywhere today. I wish Peter, Gillian, Stephen, and Bernard all the best. 37 years and counting...Rest in peace, Ian Kevin Curtis, who would be 60 today. Love will tear us apart again and again.

NintendoSegaSonyGuy, aka Wallflower, aka Coil Archiver, aka Kiefer G.

May 18, 2017"

Track lists:

"Unknown Pleasures":

01. Disorder
02. Day of the Lords
03. Candidate
04. Insight
05. New Dawn Fades
06. She's Lost Control
07. Shadowplay
08. Wilderness
09. Interzone
10. I Remember Nothing

Duration: 00:39:13
Source: Master reels.

01. Atrocity Exhibition
02. Isolation
03. Passover
04. Colony
05. A Means to an End
06. Heart and Soul
07. Twenty Four Hours
08. The Eternal
09. Decades

Duration: 00:44:21
Source: Master reels.


More info about albums: 'Unknown Pleasures', 'Closer' (Joy Division Central)


'Unknown Pleasures': WeTransfer (~220 Mb / Will be deleted on 25 May, 2017)
'Closer': WeTransfer (~269 Mb / Will be deleted on 25 May, 2017)

Do not redistribute in MP3 or any other lossy format.

Never sell for monetary gain (and do not redistribute to people who might!).

Dear guest, if you have any of JD's master-tapes or rare bootlegs - please(!) write a comment.



  1. Thanx for your hard work on these reworked classics. Highly appreciated!

  2. Anonymous19 May, 2017

    Hi my friend, like you I'm a JD fan too, and I discovered few weeks ago a wonderful brazilian site with more than 40 JD cd's.
    Follow teh link: http://lagrimapsicodelica4.blogspot.com.br/2016/08/joy-division.html

    1. Hey,
      Sadly that this in lossy format but thanks!

  3. Many thanks! Though a TG fan I always thought Genesis P Orridge was a bit of a bullshitter. Though on a subject so delicate to those close to Ian is particularly despicable.

    I was aware and astonished that the JD master tapes had gone missing, I was certainly disappointed with the quality on the Heart & Soul box set.

  4. Anonymous20 May, 2017

    Hi, thanx for your great work and sharing these wonderful versions here. I guess you have this already, but here is the third recording of Cologne, 15.01.1980 for download.


    it's from the TUBE but probably you know it.


    And here is a nice article, in german, of their gig in Cologne, my hometown. I was not there (beeing 10 years), but I know someone who was. At least something :-) :-)

    greetz from Cologne!


    1. Anonymous20 May, 2017

      forgot the link to the article:


    2. Hey,
      Yeah, is misleading but is actually well-known AUD#1. This upgraded version, taken from master tape or very close to master. Thanks in any case.

      And especially thanks for article.

  5. Please upload Substance from the Japanese Box! That's the one I am still missing.... ;-) Thanks!

  6. Many thanks for these mate.