07 May 2017

Duncan's tapes

Joy Division live @
Futurama One Festival, Queen's Hall, Leeds - 8th September 1979
& Winter Gardens, Bournemouth - 2nd November 1979

Photo by Kevin Cummins @ Futurama

May 2017 remastered

Track list (Futurama):

01. I Remember Nothing
02. Wilderness
03. Transmission
04. Colony
05. Disorder
06. Insight
07. Shadowplay
08. She's Lost Control
09. Atrocity Exhibition
10. Dead Souls

Duration: 00:42:41
Quality: 8/10
Source: "All Gods Angels Beware" CD bootleg

Duncan's comment:
"A month or so after Ian's death when I first meet Rob Gretton at Rough Trade in London, with six of my Joy Division master tapes, it was the Futurama tape that he wanterd to hear first. He put on I Remember Nothing and I said he should fast forward to Wilderness as he'd be able to assess the tape better. He just smiled and said "I can tell fine with this track". He handed me a copy of Licht Und Blindheit -Sordide Sentimental and about 6 of those flexi freebies. Rob was a really nice bloke."

More info about concert: Joy Division Central

Track list (Winter Gardens):

01. I Remember Nothing
02. Love Will Tear Us Apart
03. Interzone
04. Colony
05. Insight
06. These Days
07. Digital
08. Transmission
09. Atrocity Exhibition

Duration: 00:38:46
Quality: 8/10
Source: "Winter Gardens" CD bootleg

Duncan's comment:
"Ian behaved a little differently during Atrocity Exhibition. Usually he would dance really wildly during the guitar/drums climax of this song. But this time he walked to the front of the stage and stared out at the audience completely still for about 15 seconds until a roadie came onstage and helped him offstage to hospital suffering dehydration and exhaustion. Joy Division were pulling in fans at these gigs even though they were support to the headlining Buzzcocks."

More info about concert: Joy Division Central

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Futurama: Mega (~220 Mb) 
Winter Gardens: Mega (~210 Mb)

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Never sell for monetary gain (and do not redistribute to people who might!)

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  1. Anonymous10 May, 2017

    Thank you very much for these two! Can't wait to listen.

  2. Anonymous16 May, 2017

    As always, excellent work. Thank you so much. Marx

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