23 April 2018

Futurama (2018 restored master)

Joy Division live @ Futurama One Festival, Queen's Hall, Leeds, UK

8th September 1979

Spring 2018 remastered

Track list:

01. I Remember Nothing
02. Wilderness
03. Transmission
04. Colony
05. Disorder
06. Insight
07. Shadowplay
08. She's Lost Control
09. Atrocity Exhibition
10. Dead Souls

Duration: 00:45:21
Quality: 8+/10
Source: Duncan's master tape

Duncan's comment:
"A month or so after Ian's death when I first meet Rob Gretton at Rough Trade in London, with six of my Joy Division master tapes, it was the Futurama tape that he wanterd to hear first. He put on I Remember Nothing and I said he should fast forward to Wilderness as he'd be able to assess the tape better. He just smiled and said "I can tell fine with this track". He handed me a copy of Licht Und Blindheit -Sordide Sentimental and about 6 of those flexi freebies. Rob was a really nice bloke."

"Here’s my master of Joy Division's performance at the Futurama Festival. 

This was digitised at the same time as the remasters were done with the High Wycombe and London University recordings.
I think this should be the definitive version of the recording. 

I was asked to up this and I don’t think this version has been on here before so hope everyone agrees that it’s the best there is of this gig. 
It also has a bit more of the tape than has been shared before. 

Listening back to this today I’m really surprised at how good it sounds 

Thanks to all those that worked on this. 

Here’s some words from a man that knows all about this stuff 

For the first time, you can hear a more complete intro to "I Remember Nothing", as all previous versions cut out the first 10-15 seconds due to a couple of dropouts. 

Tiny dropout 0:53 into Colony...otherwise, absolutely earth-scorching in its intensity. 

Disorder's intro gets a while to get going... it takes a while for whoever was manning the desk to get it sounding right. 

Insight has a bit of level drop at the 2:37 point, for about 15 seconds...may have been somebody standing in front of Duncan and blocking the mics for that bit. 

The opening bass riff on Shadowplay is simply awe-inspiring. The A/B flip point occurs after this song. 

She's Lost Control provides a bit of a break before the happy divvies pummel the sci-fi goers with the song named after the JG Ballard novel. A bit of crackling due to the condition of the tape (really only audible listening through headphones), but not too detracting. 

The band step off...you can hear how desperately the crowd wanted an encore, which after another tape stoppage and some music played over the PA (15 seconds of which was taped, about 10 seconds more than what made it to the bootleg)...the band come back on and do one, performing Dead Souls...in quite an unusual place in the set. 

From the same musicians who 25 years later would bring you Jetstream...how the fuck did that happen?"

More info about concert: Joy Division Central

Mega (~270 Mb)
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Do not redistribute in MP3 or any other lossy format
Never sell for monetary gain (and do not redistribute to people who might!)

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  4. Anonymous05 May, 2018

    Amazing stuff again. 30 years ago I bought Joy Division bootleg records at Get Records in Groningen in the Netherlands. 20 years ago I traded Joy Division tapes from Niamey, Niger with traders in Australia and the US. 10 years ago I downloaded bootleg JD recording using a 128kb connection in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Today I downloaded Futurama using my smartphone while sitting in the car between Man and Abidjan in Ivory Coast. And it is still as exiting as 30 years ago. Amazing. Thank for sharing.

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    You are a gentleman and a scholar - thank you so much for sharing all this material with us.

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