14 March 2017

Then Love... Love Will Tear Us Apart... Again...

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

18th or 28th of April 1980 / Promo Video

Hi there! 

How we know... all JD collectors have problems with sources, I think. Some of the better versions of recordings are guarded as if they were not concert tapes or just videos but state secrets! 
That's why I did this post..........

Photo by Anton Corbijn @ LWTUA Video Session

The idea to rework the "Love Will Tear Us Apart" video came to me in August 2013, when the channel "Joy Division" first came onto YouTube. Initially, I was shocked by how badly Rhino hadhandled the video. Seriously, it looks like they only had a VHS of HATYM just uploaded it onto YouTube without any reworking, you know. Just look at this:

What could they do? 
As we know (correct me if I'm wrong), the clip was shot on 16mm film. In today's "digital" format, it's resolution exceeds the 2K video format (yep, it's actually slightly better than Full HD). For comparison: VHS is equivalent to about half of a DVD (360i instead of 576i). So, if they could scan it frame-by-frame in the 'restoring' liquid, they could have achieved incredible results! Take a look at this restored film:

And that's only 8mm! Just imagine what the 16mm would look like. 

What did I do? 
Not so much, to be honest. If in 2013 I thought that the problem was an imperfect software, I now realize that the problem is in the source. All official releases are poor. When I got, in my opinion, the best DVD source (2009, "Rage: In Love"), I realized that I couldn't improve the quality too much, but I could try to fix the colors. So I focused on this; I tried to add more details to it. I worked on audio too, of course, trying to synchronize audio with video. 

I planned to post it on the 28th of April or, maybe, on the 18th of May, but couldn't wait that long. 

Let me introduce ... 
Color-corrected, upscaled to Full HD, coming from the best possible DVD source, the most famous song of Joy Division - "Love Will Tear Us Apart." 

Note: I could not upload the video onto YouTube, because it violates their copyright rules, so I used another video hosting site. I hope that you will not have any problems with this. 


  1. Thanks a million for your efforts.

  2. I Cannot find the video?!?! Has it been detectleted already?

  3. Yes, where is this video?

  4. Amazing! i uploaded a mirror of it here (if you could send me an early version before VK tho that'd be amazing). Now if only we could get Here Are the Young Men in HD lol. https://vimeo.com/216060075