24 April 2012


29th February 1980 The Lyceum, London [Audience, Flac]
"Komackino", "No More Ceremonies", "Electric Funeral".
My favorite gig of Joy Division!
Track list:
01. Heart And Soul
02. Incubation
03. Komakino
04. Isolation (instrumental)
05. Isolation
Appx. duration: 20 mins. Sound quality: 9+/9 [2012 Remaster.]
Soundcheck from Darkman blog. "Electric Funeral".


01. Incubation (Missing on "Komackino")
02. Wilderness
03. Twenty Four Hours
04. The Eternal
05. Heart And Soul
06. Love Will Tear Us Apart
07. Isolation
08. Komakino
09. She's Lost Control
10. These Days
11. Atrocity Exhibition.

"No More Ceremonies":
 Appx. duration: 51 mins. Sound quality: 7/9  [Remastered] 
 Appx. duration: 45 mins. Sound quality: 8-/9 [Pitch corrected]
"Komackino" from Darkman blog.

Info about concert: [Joy Division Central]

"Electric Funeral" (Soundcheck) - [MediaFire]
"Komackino" - [MediaFire]
"No More Ceremonies" -  [MediaFire]

"Komackino". Original post by Darkman
The bootleg “Komackino” is a very underrated bootleg! The first pressing appeared in 1981, under the label “Joy Division Records Product“. Following the first pressing, multiple pressings appeared. Here is a very good recording of Joy Division’s performance on February 29, 1980. The Lyceum Ballroom concert was a very successful outing for Manchurian’s and one of my favorite live recordings. There are five recordings that exist from that night. Four of them are audience recordings and recently a song from the Soundboard has appeared, which was a pleasant surprise for everyone. For some reason, the tape that was used to source this LP, is missing the first song of the set; "Incubation". This recording was sourced from a mint copy of the first pressing.
 "Electric Funeral". Original post by Darkman: 
Electric Funeral was a West- German bootleg that came out in 1987, and was a mix of studio and live material. To me, the highlight of this bootleg was the Soundcheck from the Lyceum Ballroom Feb 29, 1980. These 5 songs are amazing when it comes to the sound quality and performance. All 5 of them are blinders! These were sourced from a mint copy of “Electric Funeral”.


  1. Anonymous03 May, 2012

    yes! brilliant stuff! many thanks to all involved.

  2. Anonymous13 May, 2012

    Is the 'Hellveto' version forbidden to share? Cheers.

    1. Hellveto - is Duncan tape. This is the forbidden to share.

      *Sorry for my English

    2. Anonymous25 May, 2014

      And why in the unholy hell is it forbidden to share?

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Fage,
      I wanted to privately email you but couldn't find an email address. Anyway, I think you were looking for the Preston "Shadowplay" bootleg, and I have the original silver CD and have a clean straight rip from it. If you have the Duncan version of the Lyceum gig and would be willing to trade, I'd be happy to share the "Shadowplay" Preston recording. Please click on my profile and email me privately if interested. Thanks!