28 June 2012

Live. Best! Part 2.

The best versions of Joy Division live performance! Part 2. [FLAC]
Photo from 08/02/1979 YMCA, Prince Of Wales Conference Centre, London

Track list:
01. I Remember Nothing (1979.10.26 Electric Ballroom, London)
02. Interzone (1979.07.13 The Factory, Manchester)
03. Glass (1979.07.27 Imperial Hotel, Blackpool)
04. Leaders of Men (1979.08.27 Open Air Festival, Leigh)
05. Love Will Tear Us Apart (1980.02.29 The Lyceum, London)
06. She's Lost Control (1979.12.18 Les Bains Douches, Paris)
07. Isolation (1980.05.02 High Hall, Birmingham)
08. Warsaw (1980.01.18 Effenaar, Eindhoven)
09. Disorder (1980.04.03 The Moonlight Club, London)
10. Atrocity Exhibition (1979.11.02 Winter Gardens, Bournemouth)
11. Dead Souls (1979.09.08 Futurama One Festival, Leeds)

Download: [MediaFire]


  1. I want to download these files, but I'm always getting the same warning : 'THOSE FILES ARE MALWARE AND CAN CRASH YOUR COMPUTER'. Though: 'YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE FILES AT OWN RISK'... What's going on here???????????????

  2. Anonymous29 June, 2012

    Big thanks.
    @Dead Soul: nothing wrong with these files.
    Your virus protection program sends you false positive warnings. Change to Avast virus protection. Avast works fine.

  3. WoW!
    Thanks for these great versions, all grouped together!

  4. Anonymous29 June, 2012

    Thanks, especially for Love Will Tear Us Apart. What about Komakino?

    1. Komakino taken from very looow generation of Duncan's tape.
      LWTUA 2nd or 3rd gen. but I can't upload the full tape. Sorry.
      And sorry for my English.

    2. Anonymous29 June, 2012

      I'm understood... sad though.
      P.S Забавно, что приходиться общаться на английском
      и вежливо извиняться.
      And sorry for my Russian too.

    3. Hallo there, many thanks for your advice. I could download the files with no problem.I've been following Joy Division since I was 15 and that's about 33 years ago. I'm so glad that their music will NEVER be forgotten and that's the way it should be. Many, many thanks for all your good work!!!

    4. Crap.
      33 years ago I was 31.

    5. Anonymous02 July, 2012

      33 years ago, I was 1 :)

  5. Hi, great work here but most of these files are:
    'Permission Denied.This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire.'

    Any chance of a re-up?

    1. Hi Peter,
      If you from USA - I can't help...sorry.

    2. Exeter is from USA. Works for me .... one track file at a time...


  6. Quite a few links have been taken down... the only tracks that remain available are 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11. Hopefully the full set can be restored. What a bummer! Your site rocks hard fage!!!

  7. Anonymous01 July, 2017

    Fantastic stuff. Thank you. Where is part 1?